Give your guest rooms an upgrade with decorative bedding updates. With the seasons changing and the nights getting cooler it is time to revamp and freshen up the guest rooms. This does not mean renovating each and every guest room but perhaps like the seasons change the colors up in the room a bit. How can this be done? Change the throw pillows and/or if you can, the remainder of the decorative bedding. It has long been said between homemakers and designers alike that a simple switch of the throw pillows can completely transform a room. Take your rooms from the bright colors of summer to the deep, rich, cozy colors of fall and into winter. Choose cozy textures and comforting colors to bring your guest rooms together.

What Purpose Does Decorative Bedding Serve?

All components of decorative bedding serve a function. From the throw pillows to a coverlet to a bedskirt there is a purpose for each and every coordinate, not to mention the accents on the bed help tie the entire room together. The throw pillows are meant to offer support to the guest while sitting up in bed. The coverlet, bed scarf and bedspread are to simultaneously provide warmth and comfort to the guest while also providing protection to the hotel’s investment in their quality linens.

What to do with Decorative Pillows?

Not all pillows were created equal. They come in all different sizes, shapes, textures and colors. Use an odd number of pillows to prevent absolute symmetry. Sometimes it is a perfect touch to use just one bolster pillow. If opting for more throw pillows in the bedding program then select a limited color palate to avoid making the bed appear to busy. A busy color scheme can visually be stressful on the eyes.

When choosing the colors for the bedding program consider the colors that are already a part of the guest rooms. If inspiration for what colors is needed, pull color hues from the art in the room or choose seasonal colors to add a little festiveness to them. For a selection of colors for throw pillows see the selection available from our partners.

Consider the style theme of the room. Use the decorative pillows to create a mood. If the intention is to create a sophisticated, modern space use a single bolster pillow against all-white, crisp linens with a monochromatic folded coverlet at the base of the bed. To add a more cultural feel to the room include a standout coverlet with an eye-catching pattern. At the end of the day, while visual aesthetics are great consider the comfort of the guest and ensure that the additions you make to the bedding program are cozy and practical. Are the pillows large enough that the guest may lean against them for reading or watching television? Are the pillows scratchy or are they comfortable to use?

Coverlets, Bedspreads and Bed Scarves

Coverlets and bedspreads are in a similar category. What is the difference? One is more decorative. A coverlet is a bit shorter and does not fall quite all the way to the floor. The coverlet is ideal as a decorative layer to go over thicker bedding while a bedspread is meant to do just as the name suggests, it completely covers the bed with the hem reaching the floor. The coverlet is generally paired with matching pillow shams and a bedskirt. For more information on the bedspreads that are available visit this link to see the product lines we carry from Bargoose Home and Maine Heritage Weavers.

Bed scarves are a newer trend to the decorative bedding program. The concern for most guests in hotels is the cleanliness of their bed linens. In order to assuage this fear hotels utilize white linens. White linens alone can be quite boring and can be soiled easily. Enter the bed scarf which protects the white linens while also adding a much needed pop of color. The bed scarf provides an additional layer between the guests shoes, luggage and the possibility of pets sleeping on the bed.

How do you arrange all the bedding?

The easiest and most simple rule for dressing the bed is biggest to smallest. Once the linens are on the bed place the pillows on the bed in order of size. Remember the rule about a limited color palate depending on how many throw pillows are being utilized in the bedding program. Smooth the coverlet and

Some of Our Partners

1888 Mills is a sustainable North American manufacturer of hospitality bedding and linens. The company proudly presents their Adorn decorative bedding line. The decorative bedding program coordinates include Adorn accent pillows, coverlets, pillow shams, bed skirt, bed scarf and top sheet. The coordinates are a woven cotton and polyester blend to guarantee quality and a durable bedding option. There are six colors available providing the flexibility you need to transform any room.
Berkshire Blanket is a proven market leader in quality fleece bedding. Their website notes that polyester bedding is easier for commercial laundering and will also consume less water and detergents. Berkshire Blanket products are an exceptional addition towards the furnishing of hotel guest rooms. The Opulence Collection by Berkshire Blanket is a bedding program that includes bolster pillows, shams and coverlets available in a “revolutionary dobby mink fabric.” The dobby mink fabric is super luxurious yet easily machine washable and dryer friendly. The bolster pillow has an easy to remove shell to make laundering a breeze. The Berkshire Blanket Opulence product line is available in seven different colors.

Bargoose Home Textiles is one of the largest suppliers of bed protection based out of New York. The company strives to provide the most effective and efficient product when it comes to bedding protection from allergens, wear and other unwanted issues. Bargoose Home is dedicated to developing new fabrics and ways to constantly improve their product lines. Bargoose Home offers cotton rich woven Jacquard bedspreads (65% cotton, 35% polyester) that both comfortable and beautiful with several colors to choose from.

For more information on the product lines that we carry please feel free to give Boston Textiles a call.