Boston Textile Now Offering Room Accessories!

Full Size Iron

Boston Textile now offers a range of room accessories for guests to feel even more at home. Coffee makers, irons, hair dryers and compacts refrigerators are available to make your guest’s stay even more enjoyable.Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Our guest room coffee makers are convenient and easy to use. We offer a range of styles and functions to Tall Compact Fridgemeet all your needs. Perfect for saving time in the morning and easy to maintain, both you and guests are sure to love these coffee makers.


Irons and hair dryers are the perfect addition for any guestroom to make sure guests look and feel their best. Our irons are available in multiple colors and styles that easily take creases out of stubborn materials, leaving shirts impeccably crisp and dresses, pants and skirts pressed to perfection. Hair Dryers are also offered in multiple styles and functions to meet the needs of both you and your guests.Mid Size Dryer

To keep refreshments cold and easily accessible we now offer compact refrigerators.  These refrigerators are ideal for Full Size Ironguestrooms and sure to be appreciated by guests. Not only are these fridges great for storing food but also reduce energy costs with its energy star rating.


Increase the quality of your guest’s stay with any of our new room accessories. From coffee makers to compact fridges you and your guests are sure to love the products we have to offer. Shop with us today at