Martex Fresh&READY™

Towel’s are a necessity for any bathroom and should not be a hassle. Fresh&READY Towels by WestPoint Hospitality are perfect for not only keeping your guest’s happy, but saving time as well. These towels are the perfect choice to complete your bathroom.

Fresh&READY towels are cured in hot water and third party tested so they are sure to be able to go from the package to your bathroom without laundering beforehand.  While eliminating the initial laundering process, these towels also lower laundering expenses and reduce energy costs, water and labor. They meet competitive standards of less then 1% chemical residue out of the box that other towels do not. Your mind will be at ease knowing these towels are ready for use the moment you receive them.

The superior absorbency and natural hand of these towels combined with their energy and cost saving benefits, make them a great addition to any bathroom. You and your guest’s will not be disappointed by what Fresh&READY towels have to offer.

Boston Textile offers a range of products from WestPoint Hospitality with this Fresh&READY technology including: