Martex DryFast® Technology

Your sheets should not only give you a restful nights sleep, but an ease of mind that they are reliable and made to last. WestPoint Hospitality’s DryFast® Technology was invented just for this. The energy saving and stain reduction technology of these sheets make them the perfect choice for your guests.

DryFast® is created in a process where fast drying properties are permanently infused into fabric. There is a 30% reduction in drying time when used in both cotton and cotton/poly blended sheets that leads to a higher productivity rate and reduced costs in laundry systems. This reduced drying time makes a substantial environmental impact with a 34.95% reduction in annual green house gas emissions. The technology used in these sheets not only saves you drying time, but also makes them a cost effective product with a 25% reduction in pillowcase replacement cost and a 9% reduction in replacement sheet cost.

Along with an increased drying time, DryFast® sheets have a significant increase in their resistance to stains. They are found to have a 25% overall reduction in the amount of loads washed due to stains resulting in saved chemicals, labor and a longer product life. You will not be disappointed by the time and money saving quality of these sheets that also perform at the highest standard for guests.

Boston Textile offers a range of products from WestPoint Hospitality with this DryFast® technology including:

A product that saves you time and money while being environmentally friendly is the best addition to your guestrooms. Your bedding will stand out from others with the many benefits and quality of these sheets. The sheets offered by Boston Textile with DryFast technology are sure to keep you and your guests happy.