Triple Sheeting: Create a Comfortable and Luxurious Bed with This Simple Method

Guests want to arrive to their room and feel at home with a well-made bed that they’re confident has been freshly laundered. Welcome them in with a comfortable, inviting bed using the triple-sheeting method. This method has been adapted by many leading hotels and is even finding its way into homes.

Triple sheeting is an easy system that uses three sheets and a blanket, quilt or duvet. The triple sheeting method provides a clean, fresh and modern look. The benefits of triple sheeting include easy transformation of the room. A simple change of the top sheet changes the style and easily updates the look of the room. Another added benefit of the triple sheeting method is it is more hygienic and protects the warmth layers of the bedding from allergens and dirt. The additional layers of the triple sheeting method provides more comfort and feeling of luxury.

The triple sheeting method is as simple as it sounds. The use of three sheets and one warmth layer to provide ultimate ease and comfort in your bedding whether at home or staying in a boutique hotel. To set up your bed using this method first cover the mattress with a fitted or flat sheet. Next, take a flat sheet and make sure that the hem is lined up with the top of the mattress. Place a warmth layer over the flat sheet and then finish the layering with a top sheet. Check to see that the warm layer (a quilt, duvet or warm blanket) is 6-8 inches from the top of the mattress. Looking for a great warm layer for your hotel bedding collection? Check out the LiteLuxe Comforter, the ideal solution for triple-sheeting.

Now, for the key part of the triple-sheeting method, fold the two flat sheets down together approximately 6 inches and, then fold again with the warm layer included in the second fold. To finish, tuck the corners of the flat sheets and warm layer in at the foot of the bed. Smooth the top sheet out and finish the bed with pillows and a throw blanket. Berkshire Blanket makes an excellent, resilient top sheet with a luxurious finish.