The right healthcare blanket provides both physical and emotional comfort for patients.

We can help to bring the comforts of home into your healthcare setting…

As a healthcare professional, you need to care about both your facility and its patients. While the medical staff works to treat patients, the overall environment of a hospital, long-term care or assisted living facility makes a huge difference in the patients’ overall experience. No one likes, or chooses, to be in a hospital, of course, and a patient’s return to health is the most important factor. But during a hospital stay, many small details can make a huge difference. Everything from the attitude of nurses and support staff, to the quality of meals, to how comfortable the patient’s room is – all these things affect the hospital experience. They can even often contribute to recovery.

The non-medical part of a hospital stay is more important than you may think. Yet a balance must be achieved between providing the best quality and keeping within a budget.

Every part of a hospital room becomes tremendously important to patients during their stay. Being in a hospital is stressful and anxiety-producing, and often the patient has pain or discomfort. Anything that can help them feel comfortable will make it easier for them to relax, which in turn promotes healing. And that starts with the very basics, including the one hospital room item that they will likely have the most contact with: blankets.

Choosing the right blankets may not be something that you’ve thought about much, but it’s important to choose well. A warm, soft, cozy blanket does more than keep someone warm. It provides a sense of well-being. There’s a reason why many children carry a security blanket. There is an unmistakable emotional component to this seemingly simple item. But an inadequate blanket has the opposite effect – it just makes someone feel more insecure.

At Boston Textile, we want to make it easy for you. We offer several types of high quality yet affordable blankets specifically designed for the healthcare industry. Your goals of quality and economy can both be met.

Thermal blankets

The most basic part of being comfortable is feeling warm, but when the body is fighting to be well, it can be hard to regulate temperature. Our cotton thermal blankets are specially-designed to trap air, creating more insulation than regular woven blankets. They are lightweight, yet provide exceptional warmth. Made from 100% cotton and loom-woven with a block-pattern weave – the secret to their comfort – they are also long-lasting and durable. These blankets resist snagging, and keep their shape and color even after years of industrial washing. We offer thermal blankets in AllSoft [tm] Cotton with a small-box twill, and the Lexington Cotton blanket, with block-pattern weave.

1888 Mills Magnificence Blankets

1888 Mills Magnificence Blankets

$58.24 per case

These 1888 Mills Magnificence Thermal Cotton Blankets are woven with a textured chevron design with a twill hem and oversized in width and length for comfort.
Lexington Cotton Thermal Blankets Twin

Lexington Cotton Thermal Blankets Twin

$195.72 per case

Hemmed with double-needle stiching, the Lexington cotton thermal blanket is a great choice for any healthcare setting.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Loom woven snag-less
  • Hemmed with double-needle stitching.
  • Vat-dyed and preshrunk.

Microfleece blankets

Nothing is cozier and warmer, yet lighter than microfleece. Patients will breathe a sigh of relief when they wrap themselves in our best-selling Microloft Blanket or Polartec® Softec microfleece blanket. They are the perfect choice for a core bed blanket for every season of the year. They are breathable, allowing good air flow and have the highest weight to warmth ratio available. They wick moisture away, keeping patients dry. They resist piling, and wash beautifully. They feel luxurious, yet are an economical choice. Your housekeeping staff will love the time savings they see when laundering microfleece blankets compared to traditional cotton thermal – they wash and dry in half the time (and your budget will improve with savings on water, electricity and harsh detergents)

Microfleece blankets

Microfleece blankets

$181.44 per case

Voted by Good Housekeeping Research Institute as 2010s Toastiest Blanket, this durable, smooth and lofty fleece blanket provides the best layering capabilities and all season comfort. With revolutionary pill resistant technology, this blanket is endlessly durable and one of the softest fleeces youll ever experience. Fabric: Microfleece Size: Comfortably fits twin, full, queen and king sized beds. The twin is 66 x 90, full/queen is 90 x 90 and the king is 108 x 90 inches. Movability: Drapable Border: 1 inch stitched Reverse: Same Fabric height: Low Warmth: All-season

Throw Blankets

Our CozyCare Lap Blanket is tailor made for healthcare settings. It is sized for a guest sitting in a chair or wheelchair. If sitting in a wheelchair, it has an optional Velcro strap that can help to prevent the throw from slipping off the guest. It is exceptionally durable with a microfiber face and cozy microfleece reverse.

Our VelvetLoft Throw Blanket is the perfect supplement to bed blankets. VelvetLoft throws are incredibly soft, snuggly, warm and light. They are perfect for patients who are not confined to bed, so they can be cozy and feel pampered while sitting in a chair. A bit smaller than bed blankets, they are the perfect size for wrapping up in. And, of course, like all our other healthcare blankets, they are durable and keep their shape and softness even after heavy use and years of washing.

CozyCare Lap Blankets By Berkshire Blanket

CozyCare Lap Blankets By Berkshire Blanket

$110.88 per case

From Berkshire Blanket comes CozyCare Lap Blankets. Soft and smooth on the outside, inside lined with cozy Microloft material. This ready-made quilted lap blanket brings the comfort of home to long term care. With a 200 thread count microfiber face, a fleece back and elasticized Velcro straps for securing to armrests, they are durable and long lasting as well as pill resistant.
VelvetLoft Throw Blanket

VelvetLoft Throw Blanket

$99.96 per case

Measuring at 50 x 70, this VelvetLoft throw is smooth and soft with unmatched durability. Luxuriously soft and plush, the elegant fabric has a slight luster that adds sophistication, and is sensationally smooth and soft.

Details matter

Every part of a hospital environment can help or impede speedy recovery. The blankets you choose may not be the most dramatic purchase you make for your institution, but they might be the single most important non-medical factor in the comfort of your hospital’s patients. When you are sick, ill, injured or in any kind of distress, the first instinct to feel better is to wrap yourself in a blanket. With Boston Textile’s blankets, you can provide the best quality at great prices.

Blanket them in comfort, while you keep your budget under cover.