Quality Pool Towel Options for Your Midseason Inventory Refresh

Towards the middle of summer every hotel and resort needs a refresher on quality pool towels to finish the season off strong. Consider a product that is quality but does not necessarily need to be as luxurious as the room towels. You want something that will last and please the guest.

Consider the 30 x 70 cabana stripe pool towel by Ganesh Mills. This lush towel is available in three different colors (blue, green and yellow) and is suitable for properties of all sizes. This cabana stripe pool towel is on the larger side in terms of a hotel pool towel, for the size and weight, this towel is priced extremely competitive. Besides, your guests will love being wrapped up snug in these towels. For more information on the Ganesh Mills cabana stripe pool towel click here.

Another option is the 24 x 48 blue/green center stripe pool towel by HR Cotton. This product is a durable pool towel that is inexpensive and always available. If you find your property short on pool towels for the weekend, give us a call, these towels are always available for speedy delivery. The HR Cotton towel is designed for properties that experience large amounts of traffic and a high turnover rate, this smaller towel is inexpensive and will not cost your property a fortune to maintain inventory. For more information on these towels click here.

Remember when considering the proper quality towel factor in whether or not the property is laundering in house or outsourcing to a commercial facility. If you are outsourcing your laundry, the cabana striped towels will be less economical than the smaller pool towel when washing per pound.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and give us a call if we may provide pool towels to replenish your towel inventory to finish out the summer strong.