Introducing the Martex Green Collection

Boston Textile is now offering WestPoint Hospitality’s new Martex Green Collection! The Martex Green Collection is being offered in a duvet cover, down alternative blanket, mattress pad, sheet and bed skirt. The combination of these products are essential to give your guests the Eco-friendly stay they want.

This bedding collection utilizes environmentally friendly fibers along with certified sustainable processing techniques making the products an earth friendly choice.  Made with certified organic cotton and blended with recycled polyester, each product is processed in Oeko-Tex® certified facilities.  Martex®Green products use less water, energy, and fewer chemicals with  Dryfast® technology , all while reducing drying times and significantly increasing stain resistance. The earth friendly fabrics are also engineered to perform at the highest standards, and to extend in a useful life that will not compromise in the quality of the guest experience

This Eco-friendly collection is sure to keep your guests happy with not only its positive environmental impact, but its crisp and clean look. Guests will sleep easy knowing they are given a high quality and earth-friendly bedding. Make your guestroom the Eco-friendly choice with the Martex Green Collection.










Features and Benefits:

  • Makes A Positive Environmental Impact At Each Life cycle Stage
  • Organic Cotton + Recycled Polyester = Earth-Friendly Fabrics
  • DryFast® Technology Provides Energy Savings & Stain Resistance
  • Available In A Full Line Of Bedding Products
  • Available in Fresh White Stripe
  • Oeko-Tex® Safe Chemicals Processing