Boston Textile. We know you have a choice. Why come to us?

When it comes to choosing a resource for your hospitality/healthcare linen and bedding needs, you have many options. Why should you choose Boston Textile?

1. Honesty and integrity.

We have to put that first, because our values and reputation are at the core of our third-generation family business. We take pride in the quality of our goods, but even more, in the quality of our people. We are committed to maintaining our high standards in every way, beginning with how we interact with our customers. After eighty years in business, we have built a reputation.

Our customer service staff is the best. Our customers know and trust us. They know they can count on us. Many of them have been using us for decades. There is only one way to earn that kind of loyalty, and that’s by providing reliable and consistent service and quality with every single order, and with every interaction.

2. Hard work and care.

We never operate on “automatic.” We pay personal attention to each and every client. Getting you the information and products you need quickly and without hassle is what motivates us. It may sound corny, but we really do care.

3. Hustle.

At Boston Textile, we don’t have an “automatic mode,” but we understand “crisis mode” very well. Fast turnaround is critical.

But quick responsiveness is not enough for us. Because of our deep and long experience in this business, we understand trends and can predict busy times. Our relationships with clients over the years have enabled us to forecast needs. Before you even place your order, we have planned accordingly. We make sure we have necessary inventory at hand, even before you know you’ll need it. There’s never a need to worry about supply, since we have our own warehouses in CA and MA, and can even ship directly from our mills, too. All this makes a smooth and seamless experience for you, our client.

4. Options.

We offer a wide variety of choices and selections, at different price points, but with the same high standards. No matter what your budget, you will find selections to suit your needs. We have a range of products from luxurious to more economical. Whether you’re looking for the highest thread-count or durability and practicality, we’ve got you covered. And of course, all of our products meet our strict quality requirements or we wouldn’t offer them.

5. Convenience.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get the bedding and linen supplies you need. We’ve recently developed an e-commerce platform that will streamline the process. Online ordering is a snap. What’s more, our system remembers what you ordered last time, so those regular items are already right there in the form. Just take a quick glance, make any changes or adjustments, and send. It’s that easy.

With all the options available, why should you choose Boston Textile? It all comes down to trust. We’ll work hard to earn yours, and to keep it, as we have been doing for all our clients for more than eighty years.

Boston Textile. For hospitality and healthcare linens, supplies and just about whatever else you need. Here, let us help you with that.