Boston Textile: Specializing in linens, bedding and more for hotels, hospitals, and healthcare institutions since 1933

hotel-textile-company- vintage Textile Linen AdWe’re Boston Textile, and we’re here to help make your life easier.

We get it.  Working in hospitality or healthcare means you are overloaded with work.  We get that you have thousands of details to take care of, multiple tasks and projects going on at once, many plates spinning all the time.  But we can help.  We can take at least one item off your list.

Leave the linens, towels and bedding to us.

Boston Textile is the linen supply company that top hotels, hospitals, and healthcare institutions turn to for quality and value they can trust.  We have an extensive range of products for all your needs, whether you are in the healthcare or hospitality industry: bed and bath linens, apparel, healthcare supplies, kitchen and cleaning supplies, decorative products and specialty items.


We have been in business since 1933, focusing on supplying our clients with quality linen products at great value.  And, after 80 years dedicated to this business, we get it.  We have the experience, we understand the industry, and we know what you need.  We work with the best mills and manufacturers, and we consistently give you the highest level of customer service, and always, real value.

Our integrity and commitment to quality is personal.  Boston Textile is a third-generation family business, and we stand proudly behind our company.


Our founder, David H. Leahy Sr., started Boston Textile during the Great Depression.  It’s a classic tale of American success.  After working with fabrics at a department store, he took a chance and started his own business.
At that time, there were dozens of other small, wholesale linen companies, and competition was intense.  However, because of our philosophy of always doing the right thing for the customer, we continued to grow and prosper.  David Jr. joined the company in 1976, and worked to increase our share of the hospitality industry – including hotels, resorts and inns.
We are now in our third generation of the family business, as David H. Leahy III joined us in 2003.  He has helped us refine our e-commerce system, and developed an easy-to-use, custom online ordering system.  (We’re always thinking of how we can improve the experience for our customers!)

Three generations of the Leahy family have dedicated themselves to creating a business that focuses on quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

There’s a good reason we’ve been in business for so long.  Our clients know they can count on us to meet or exceed their expectations.  Our mission for both customer service and our products can be summarized in three words:  trust, value and quality.


Boston Textile.  For hospitality and healthcare linens, supplies and just about whatever else you need.  Here, let us help you with that.